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JavaScript Quizzes
December 3rd, 2014

In learning how to code, I've found that self-testing is has been both enjoyable and generally beneficial. So to help you out on your coding journey, I've found some interesting JavaScript tests for you to go through. Keeping in mind that nothing is more conducive to learning how to code than actually coding (this should seem obvious), to get the most out of these tests I suggest grabbing pieces of code you're not clear on and playing with them in a sandbox like:


Or in your browser's dev console:
Google Chrome: Windows/Linux keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + J
Mac: Cmd + Opt + J

Mozilla Firefox:
Windows/ Linux: Ctrl + Shift + K
Mac: Cmd + Opt + K

And here are the tests. JavaScript Koans goes through some great fundamentals for JS, while the latter two really test for rarer edge-casey-type issues.

JavaScript Koans:

Dmitry Baranovsky's quiz:

Perfection Kills:

Happy learning!

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